I like tracing gemstones back, unravelling their story and learning more about their origin, their journey through the global market hubs and into their settings. From start to finish, it’s a fascinating story and the people those whose hands the gem is passed are often just as intriguing.

Why do we wear gemstones? Is it because they are beautiful and exotic? Their source is often just as beautiful, but the stone has been disconnected from it’s source by the time it has been set and placed in store. To find out where stones come from and to see what it’s like at their origin is enough of a reason for me to go there. to travel for me.

Any views expressed on this blog are only my opinions. Each post is merely personal account, which reminds myself of where I’ve visited, what and who I’ve seen and what I think about it all. It’s so easy to loose a diary and I like the idea of showing friends and family where I am and what I’m doing, and to show people with the interest but without the time to travel what these places are like. I hope that if they have an effect, it’s a positive one – enthusing people to value their jewellery. The information I write is dependent on the people I meet. Often those people have enabled me to travel or have provided me with information. My including them is not intended as an endorsement and I don’t intend to copy their ideas. I omit some information, I may make mistakes and I will probably not cover a full story. This is not my intention; it’s just to have a personal record.

Thank you to those who have provided me with access, information, support, photographs, and encouragement. I appreciate it!

Please feel free to make contact:  rosey_perkins@yahoo.co.uk