Three Ruby Mining Operations in Montepuez, Mozambique

On a field expedition to the ruby mining area around Montepuez, we heard about Gemfield’s  at ambitious project to farm chickens neat Montepuez Ruby Mine in partnership with a local women’s association. We were also able to see two newer projects: Mustang’s Montepuez Ruby Project and exploration pits at Metals of Africa’s concession as well as visit areas where garimpeiros (unlicensed miners) were digging. Gem quality ruby now being found at these newer sites indicates that the boundaries of this large deposit are yet to be established.

This film is published with thanks to Vincent Pardieu, GIA and our generous hosts at Montepuez Ruby Mine, Gemfields and Montepuez Ruby Project at Mustang as well as Mr Constantine at Metals of Africa. Thank you also to our team members, Wim Vertriest, (GIA), Floriane Duret (geologist and gemologist) and Marie Lemoux (gemologist). This films was made by Rosey Perkins (gemologist).

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